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Pickles and the World Cup

Our next book.......is coming!!!

Hi Mates.....  This is Hans....we are busy working on our next book all about a fabulous adventure around the 1970 World Cup in guess where.......MEXICO!!  Now can you guess how our group of kids and dogs gets to Mexico??  Will England win the World Cup again?  And WHY is the name of the book Pickles and the Missing Emeralds....World Cup 1970  Mexico???


Thomas and Claire  we'll need you evaluatieon and will contact you soon.


HEY...We are on Twitter! Please everybody follow us https://twitter.com/PicklesATWC Our iBook video is right here click on the arrow in the middle of the group of kids and dogs and enjoy!!!

The most famous sports trophy in the world, trophy for soccer’s World Championship called the World Cup, was stolen March 20,1966, from an exhibition in downtown London. The whole world was furious and England was terribly embarrassed by the theft. An exhaustive investigation by Scotland Yard netted nothing. Exactly 7 days after the theft, the Cup was found wrapped in newspaper under a garden hedge in a blue-collar neighborhood in SE London by the Corbett family dog named Pickles. (true story)


Pickles and the World Cup explains how a group of soccer-loving kids and their dogs, through a hilarious and hair-raising adventure, outsmart the robbers, steal the Cup back and save the day for England. 

(not exactly true but it makes a good story)


Then kids get to see many of the famous games and meet the stars of the 1966 World Cup. This book, filled with little known World Cup facts, exciting action, mystery and laced togethere with loads of humor,  is dedicated to all those that love kids, dogs and soccer.

Martin Burniston shakes hands with Pickles

              after he finds the World Cup


Hi Mates,

Happy Thanksgiving from Hans and me.  Here are some reviews of my book that friends have submitted.  Thanks so much for doing this.  Saskia, Caio mom in Germany is helping us do research for our next World Cup adventure at the 1970 Cup...we'll let you know when it is ready.  Here are some reviews from Amazon....let me know what you think??

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book!, September 28, 2013
Austin's Mommy (Houston, TX)  
This review is from: Pickles and the World Cup (Kindle Edition)
My son loves dogs, and also loves to play soccer. What a brilliant combination for a 9 year old boy! He has loved this book, and has cracked up many times & had to read parts to me to share. My favorite part that he read was the soccer game that was played with a head that was still talking to the players! A very creative book. Definitely recommend it!
5.0 out of 5 stars Pickles and the World Cup is a great read!, October 9, 2013
This review is from: Pickles and the World Cup (Kindle Edition)
Pickles and the World Cup is an excellent book. It is fun to read and full of adventure and interesting facts. I learned a lot. I recommend it highly.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Must Read for Family Entertainment, November 25, 2013
This review is from: Pickles and the World Cup (Kindle Edition)
This book was refreshing and quite entertaining. Although I do not have an kids or grand kids, I would certainly recommend this book to parents with young kids as a book they should read. It will teach kids a lesson about honestly.
Hi Mates, 
Join Hans and me as we are part of the iWalk for Animals on Saturday Nov 10 to give orphaned pets a new chance to have a loving home. Come walk with us around West U!! go to www.iwalkforanimals.org to sign up!
Your mate Pickles

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Hi Mates,

It Halloween here in Texas...Charlie, the Golden Retriever who is my agent and I dressed up...he has Micky Mouse ears.  Hans, the wet blanket...tried to tear the ears off and kill 'em..

Super fun at our Silver Tea...we raised $325 for our little mates at SNAP and had a blast. Thanks Momentum Jaguar for hosting it....Loved the new Jaguar and had great fun signing tons of  paw-ographs.  See me behind the cookies...they look just like me.  Hope to meet all our friends soon.  We'll be signing paw-ographs at the DBE Christmas Bazarr in Sugar Land on Nov 2 at #1 Fluor Daniel Dr.  Come see us!

Top is Hans and Me guarding the new Jag and bottom me signing Paw-ographs



WOW  Thanks so much Houston Community Newspapers for the great write up!!

Here's the link to the Pickles and the World Cup article: http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/ranch/news/the-tale-of-the-dog-who-found-the-missing-world/article_f8d83446-acaf-5e35-94b7-f96fd1f46a2f.html




…L to R are Dylan, Carolyn and Reuben Kessler Shopping for World Cup jerseys at Soccer 4 All with my mates & Pickles cookies

…L to R are Dylan, Carolyn and Reuben Kessler  All the Kesslers are soccer players and cookie eaters, too!

Just got home from Texas A&M Vet school.  My brilliant Drs. Duff and Goodrich and my super duper tech, Sheree took great care of me....had to have a tummy tuck.  They are the best Vets on the planet. Thanks a million, Mates!

West U Book Signing Party


Great fun seeing our kids from the West U Elemantary focus group...in an end of school year party. Pickles and Hans were invited into the school.  Everyone got a photo of the iBook cover with a paw-ograph, a Pickles cookie and a good laugh when Pickles jumped into the gold fish pond and tried to catch the gold fish.


Pickles lends a paw to support the largest dog food donation in Houston's history.

Pickles attended the event at the Houston Humane Society on Thursday Jan 10, 2013 when Nadine Jolie-Coeur and husband Biff Picone owners of Natural Pawz donated a portion of thier 42,000 lb gift to HHS,  The food was a gift from Merrick Corp and will feed the homeless dogs with top quality food for many months.





Meals on Wheels serves 4,000 shut in seniors and their 9,000 pets so the donation of 12,000 lbs of food will be most welcome!  Thanks Natural Pawz and Merrick!  You are Champions in our hearts.

NEWS Soccer Tournaments and Book Signings Come meet us!

 Hey Mates!!!


Daughters of the British Empire's 40th Christmas Bazaar is Saturday Nov 2

from 10am -4pm at the Fluor Daniel Center in Sugar Land.  Come by and say hello!




Click on our new page Soccer Photo Gallery and see all our new mates we met at the LABOR DAY SOCCER TROUNAMENT    Sooooooo much fun!!!


Video from the wonderful party the SPCA threw for us!!!  Even Dynamo defender Anthony Arens asked for MY autograph   what a thrill 







WOW!!  Scroll down and click on the link to the wonderful article Houston Community Newspapers wrote about us!  Wa-hoo  Thanks Zack Haverkamp.


June 8 Lone Star Pet Londges 3207 Williamsburg Ln Missouri City  10AM We will be there singing paw-ographs and helping Cocker Spaniel adoption.....Come out and see us, mates!! Check back tomorrow for Pictures.





Wa-hoo We are on Twitter!!  Please follow us at https://twitter.com/PicklesATWC


Pickles and Hans are donating 10% of purchse price of e-books &  iBooks to help shelter dogs and cats!


Yes, Pickles and Hans both were adopted from shelters in Houston.



Hi everybody!!! We worked so hard on our iBook...Can't wait till you see it.

The intro video, instead of person that wrote the book stars ME, Pickles, and Hans... the guys at Apple has made me talk.(love that Peanut butter!)

We have 3D photos, embedded videos, crowd noises, music, when time elapses from one paragraph to the next you will see/hear a barking dog chase a cat across the page or a bouncing soccer ball. You have NEVER seen a book like this. Hope you enjoy it and email me what you think of it!

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