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Pickles and the World Cup

Meet the Dogs

Pickles... was a blend of several kinds of shepherds whose distinct talents will definately come in handy during the Cup rescue.   Not only was he the family pet but he was also a great friend to both the kids. From the day he came to live with the Corbetts when he was only two months old, he had been a cherished part of the family. He didn’t care where the kids took him just as long as he could be with Colin and Wendy, he was happy.  He’d sit on their beds while they did homework, help find lost shoes or school books and would sit by the window for hours waiting for them to come home from school.The kids mom, Vicky, knew if Pickles were with the kids they were safe.


Hans..... the Doberman, jet black and very German. Hans was the mastermind behind the Cup rescue and Pickles best friend. They both loved kids, soccer and hated, I mean HATED cats like Rasputin. Hans was a great leader and could think up the most amazing plans. He was powerful and sleek...strangers were immediately afraid of him, but he was so kind and loving with the kids, especially when they fed him one noodle at a time!


Pepperoni.....Italian Grayhound belonged to Dino who was from Italy, of course. Dino's family owned the Piamontessa Pizza Parlor. Their Italian Grayhound was named, of all things, Pepperoni. He was always darting around like a hummingbird and seemed to have inexhaustible energy. As the family pet of the ever-expanding Abusso clan, he was delighted when the cousins would come for the annual visit from Rome. Uncle Joe would bring his accordion and the family, including Pepperoni, would have a sing-along especially to ‘Santa Lucia’ and everybody doubled over with laughter when Pepperoni hit the high notes!


Boris......Russian Wolfhound belongd to Faina, Wendy's best friend  who  had moved to London with her family from the Soviet Union. Faina’s dog Boris, a giant shaggy grey Russian Wolfhound, with long, flowing silky coat and looked like a walking rug with shiny black eyes. Faina loved him dearly “come here my walking rug!” she’d say and burry her face in his long beautiful coat. He would protect her with his life, if need be. It was comical the way Pepperoni and Boris played together, Faina was sure Boris though of himself just the same size as his friend Pepperoni....he was fond of dropping his head down almost to the floor and looking back under his own legs from side to side to find his little friend....sort of giraffe style. All the kids thought this was the funniest thing but Boris never understood why this made them laugh. 


Caio......The new kid, Arnoldo from Portugal, adopted a lost dog that he named Caio. He was a mix of several kinds of pointers. He had sleek and muscular body with a tan and white coat.  Some how Caio had gotten lost from his original owner and lived a while alone on the street before Arnoldo found him and took him home. He was so thankful to have a home again, he was devoted to Arnoldo; likewise, Arnoldo was happy to have a good friend again as he had to leave all his friends behind when his family move to London from Lisbon last year. Caio would practice soccer for hours with Arnoldo and was getting to be very good at it too.  The two were an inseparable pair. One delightful and unexpected coincidence was Pointers seem to be crazy about Portuguese food....who would have guessed?


Lola.....The Corbett kids pal, Diego Garcia whose family was from Argentina, had a Labrador named Lola they had adopted from the Battersea Dog & Cat home next to Battersea Park when she was 2 months old...2 years before Dieog was born. Labs are bred to find and bring back birds that have been shot so the hunter can take them home and cook them for dinner. It was critically important, when the Lab picked up the fallen bird, it did so gently and did not crush it with its powerful jaws, but tightly enough not to let the bird get away.  Lola delighted the kids by carrying around a frog in her mouth in their gardens and when she tired of the frog, dropped it and let it hop away, none the worse for the experience. Like every other Lab, Lola adored kids.  When Diego was a baby, crawling around, just beginning to pull himself up on things, he would crawl over to Lola, grab handfuls of her fur, pull himself up all the way....put his hand on her back and she, very slowly, taught him to walk.



The Villain

Rusputin.....the ally cat....How he loved to torment the dogs and pull

                     pranks that would surely get them in trouble...

                     how could the dogs stop him?

Rasputin the Evil Ally Cat


NEWS Soccer Tournaments and Book Signings Come meet us!

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Daughters of the British Empire's 40th Christmas Bazaar is Saturday Nov 2

from 10am -4pm at the Fluor Daniel Center in Sugar Land.  Come by and say hello!




Click on our new page Soccer Photo Gallery and see all our new mates we met at the LABOR DAY SOCCER TROUNAMENT    Sooooooo much fun!!!


Video from the wonderful party the SPCA threw for us!!!  Even Dynamo defender Anthony Arens asked for MY autograph   what a thrill 







WOW!!  Scroll down and click on the link to the wonderful article Houston Community Newspapers wrote about us!  Wa-hoo  Thanks Zack Haverkamp.


June 8 Lone Star Pet Londges 3207 Williamsburg Ln Missouri City  10AM We will be there singing paw-ographs and helping Cocker Spaniel adoption.....Come out and see us, mates!! Check back tomorrow for Pictures.





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Yes, Pickles and Hans both were adopted from shelters in Houston.



Hi everybody!!! We worked so hard on our iBook...Can't wait till you see it.

The intro video, instead of person that wrote the book stars ME, Pickles, and Hans... the guys at Apple has made me talk.(love that Peanut butter!)

We have 3D photos, embedded videos, crowd noises, music, when time elapses from one paragraph to the next you will see/hear a barking dog chase a cat across the page or a bouncing soccer ball. You have NEVER seen a book like this. Hope you enjoy it and email me what you think of it!

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