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Meet the Kids

Wendy Corbett.. Wendy had just turned twelve, shiny blond hair sparkling blue eyes and the typical porcelain completion England gives her daughters. Adventurous, smart as well as pretty, she was tops in her class and determined to go somewhere in her life.  She was a good big sister but she had to admit, sometimes little brothers were a pain. She had trained Pickles from the day he arrived as their puppy and the two of them were fast frineds.


Colin Corbett...“I’m 10 ½” he would correct you if you asked if he were 10. Colin had a cherub’s face, sandy colored straight hair and green eyes, with such an innocent smile it was hard to believe he could come up with such mischief.  He love to play soccer and was quite good at it as he was in school.  Both Wendy and Colin made friends easily and had a great group of friends in their neighborhood they called the ‘club.’


Thomas Berger..Colin’s best friend, besides his dog Pickles, was his next-door neighbor, Thomas Berger, who was born in West Germany. Thomas had a dog too, a Doberman named Hans. The boys looked enough alike to be brothers.  Thomas was so methodical, smart and organized; a great friend to have.


Dino Abusso....was as short and fast moving as his dog Pepperoni. Dino was the entre to the exciting Abusson clan and love to tell stories of his family in Rome. Mrs Abusson loved feeding the 'club' as much as they enjoyed treats from her kitchen.


Faina Zolov.....Fania came to England from Russia when she was a baby and was just a smart as she was pretty.  She and Wendy have been fast friend since the day they met in the first grade. Both she and Wendy were very skilled at playing soccer, and this was a time when there weren't a lot of girls that played the sport. Faina loved her Russian Wolfhound, Boris was was convinced he was just as small as his good frined, Pepperoi.


Diego Garcia....Diego's father grew up in a soccer loving family in Buenas Aries so Diego was fed soccer with his baby food.  A loyal friend and a good soccer player, he took great care of his aging dog, Lola and she adored him as only a Lab can!


Arnoldo Cena...the new kid on the block, just moved in a year ago as his family came to London from Lisbon. He missed his friends at home until he was welcomed into the 'club' and truly enjoyed their adventures. He adopeted a dog he found on the street and named him Caio...they became best of friends and soccer buddies.

The BBC guys, Martin Burniston and Graham Jones

The kids could not have pulled off their Mission Impossible with out the help of two great soccer fans who just happened to love kids and dogs too.


Martin Burniston, "Ace" sports reporter for the BBC, had his heart set on a career as a  soccer star until a broken leg altered his future.  A walking encyclopedia of soccer histoy, he helps the kids unfold thier plan.


Graham Jones, Martin's trusty cameraman, is beside his frined from the day they find out England will host the 1966 Games all through this adventure.


Lucky for the kids and the readers, Martin and Graham know all the important players and coaches as all the sports figures wanted to be interviewed on the BBC....  both guys are a fountain of soccer history and trivia...all very real, by the way. 

Pictures to follow shortly

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Video from the wonderful party the SPCA threw for us!!!  Even Dynamo defender Anthony Arens asked for MY autograph   what a thrill 







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We have 3D photos, embedded videos, crowd noises, music, when time elapses from one paragraph to the next you will see/hear a barking dog chase a cat across the page or a bouncing soccer ball. You have NEVER seen a book like this. Hope you enjoy it and email me what you think of it!

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